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GP Series Inverter Generator Comparison


Model #



Run Time

Fuel Tank

Spec Sheet




G-Force 426cc

14 Hours

@ 50% Load

8.5 gal.




G-Force 426cc

11 Hours

@ 50% Load

8.5 gal.

XC Professional Series Portable Generators are engineered specifically for contractors and construction sites.  Featuring Generac’s G-Force engine - the only pressure-lubed engine designed exclusively for generator use, providing reliable and durable best-in-class power on any jobsite.

WHAT’SINCLUDED X FRAME - FULLY WRAPPED, HEAVY DUTY 12 GAUGE STEEL TUBE Provides rugged durability and protects the generator and fuel tank from damage. GENERAC G-FORCE ENGINE Features Best- in-Class power with full pressure lubrication and is optimized for generator use. STEEL LIFTING POCKET Designed for easier lifting and transportation on jobsites by crane or forklift. FOLD-DOWN LOCKING HANDLES Features one-handed locking mechanism for easy storage. IMPACT RESISTANT FUEL TANK DESIGN Recessed tank edges reduce damage when transported by forklift. WELDED STEEL FEET Reinforced for superior durability. EASY ACCESS TO ALL ROUTINE MAINTENANCE AREAS Including filters and spark plugs; no need to remove fuel tank or side panels. FULL PANEL GFCI PROTECTION OSHA compliant with covered outlets to protect from the elements. NEVER FLAT WHEELS WITH STEEL HUBS Makes movement around the jobsite easy and efficient. ENGRAVING PLATE Allows unit to be tagged / cataloged for use in contractorand rental fees PROTECTED AXLE Integrated into frame, shields from impact during transport. Wheel Kit &Handles First Engine Oil Supply Maintenance Kit Starting Battery *Electric start models only TruePower™ TECHNOLOGY Provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances. IDLE CONTROL Reduces noises and conserves fuel for extended run-times.